Full Pattern is a series of collages made out of sticky foam, picnic table cloths, duct tape, ribbons, acrylic, markers and paper on frosted acetate, using traditional quilt block patterns. The repetition of quilt-making using the deconstructed decorative items creates collages that meditate on how isolated communities create idiosyncratic defense mechanisms. During a residency in 2014 in Wyoming, I started looking at the low-end decorative materials found in thrift shops. These left-over materials told stories about the isolated community of Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Each piece is W35" x H23. The titles contain the quilt pattern name and were a collaboration with Steven Miller.
with a dose of Kaleidoscope hope, one can unfold from the rarified center
like a sailing Dutchman’s Puzzle across wheat vanes is a person who doesn’t look behind
a Rambler moves about, yet has many homes, a settler works all day, yet has only residence
handfasting Ribbon of illusion is the beginning of myth, but the religious need their crutches
like a Spiderweb in the hands of a child, is a proverb in the mouth of a fool
disrobe from reds, Skyrocket slip, be strong in the broken places or be killed in no special hurry
can a person create a Whirlwind without being swept up with the debris?