"Gallery4Culture is delighted to present the work of Julia Freeman in a solo exhibition titled, VERY LITTLE ROOM FOR MISHAPS. Setting out to utterly transform the space, Freeman’s material conscious installation is a multi-media, multi-dimensional extravaganza of paint, print, 3-D construction and sound. In the hands of Freeman, the gallery’s inner space becomes a surround of warmly colored, artist generated wallpaper with repeated lyrical motifs."
"Populating the gallery floor are independent elements, reminiscent of characters in a theatrical set. Sporting handles and wheels, these life-size props can be rearranged by viewers throughout the run of the show, creating a myriad of morphing, idiosyncratic compositions."
"The installation melds Freeman’s present day experience with memories from the past. While autobiographical in that it presents the artist’s perception of reality, the viewer, as active participant using the same elements, can construct his/her own personal narrative."